01 Dec 2011
category: Family, Kids, Nature

The Fall season is coming to an end over here. Not so much temperature wise, because we still have fairly nice temperatures, but nature wise. Most trees have now lost their leaves and are looking pretty dead. I’m hoping for some snow for the month of December by the way, because it’s always nice to have photos of a white wedding. We’ll see what happens.

Here are some photos from the first week of November when we took our little ones out for a walk through our, then still colorful, neighbourhood park.


Mooie foto’s hier. Ik ben benieuwd of er nog wel een echte winter aankomt. Het gaat alweer naar half december toe en ik merk er zelf nog weinig van, moet ik zeggen. Laten we hopen op een witte kerst met mooie trouwfoto’s!