18 Nov 2009
category: Photos, Technique

I normally don’t use HDR very much. Mainly because it takes quite a bit of time to make a good HDR photo. A lot of the ones I see are very much over done and look very weird.

But, this photo of the Catherina church in Eindhoven needed a little something extra. The original just didn’t look right. So I used a variation of the “single RAW” process described by Trey Ratcliff in his HDR Tutorial to spruce the original photo up a bit.

chatherina church


Good shot Mark! Is het the CathArina or CathErina church?? Ik ben graag vervelend en bijdehand, zelfs als ik ziek ben


Got photoshop?

Mark Daams

@Catharina: It is the “CathErina” church.
@Zayno: Actually I don’t have Photoshop. :-) I use Paint Shop Pro, it’s cheaper.


Very impressive.

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