20 Feb 2013
category: Wedding

Three weeks ago I had the chance to photograph my first wedding of the year, the wedding day of Saskia and Erik in Sint-Oedenrode. Winter weddings are always exciting because of the chance of snow. But we were out of luck, no snow this time… the temperature was actually quite nice for this time of year.

In addition to photographing weddings I also enjoy taking photos of kids. It’s mostly my own kids that I tend to photograph though, but if there are little children walking around during wedding I always tend to give them some extra attention over the adults. At this wedding I was pretty busy for that reason. There were a lot of cute little ones walking around. And they were ‘walking around’ too. Sitting still tends to be pretty difficult for kids, especially during a wedding ceremony it seems.

During the introductory meeting with a couple I often ask if their wedding day is a special date; the anniversary of the day they first met for example. Usually that’s not the case, but with Saskia and Erik it was. So that’s the reason that they were getting married in a month of the year where weddings are usually pretty spars.

Something that’s also nice, is that Erik and Saskia split their wedding into two days. The city hall ceremony was planned for the first day. The church ceremony, the reception and the party, were planned for the second day. Now this is not something that is totally alien in itself, its just that the two wedding days are usually two consecutive days. Not so in this case. The first day was in January… but the second day will be in June! Isn’t that cool? Part one of the wedding on a date with a special meaning. Part two a couple of months later, when the weather is likely going to be a lot better. I’m already hoping for a nice summer day.

Here are my favorite photos of the first day. The blog post of the second day… will be in a couple of months.

Trouwfotografie Sint-Oedenrode

Bruiloft Sint-Oedenrode

Thumbs up


Trouwfotografie Sint-Oedenrode

Ondertekenen trouwacte

Reflectie wolken

Gemeentehuis Sint-Oedenrode